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One of the main ideas behind the podcast, the main idea really, is that I wanted to be able to dive deeply into the topics that I’m interested in. With some editing, I can pack a lot of information into a half-hour episode. (Well, 26:40, that’s how long shows have to be to fill a block on KUBU 96.5, when you leave room for the station ID and public service announcements.) String together a few interviews and blog posts on certain subjects, and it might even be possible to create a useful reference for exploring the policy problems we have to tackle here in Sacramento. That’s the idea anyway.

So, it’s back to Sacramento Regional Transit, and what’s next for the struggling agency with the failure of Measure B earlier this month. The interview is with Dan Allison, of Sacramento Transit Advocates and Riders. STAR was actually rooting against Measure B, arguing that it was too focused on cars and drastically shortchanged transit. So now what? Maybe, judging from this Sacramento Bee editorial, something very close to Measure B returns in 2018, without much reflection or much change to its basic roads-first recipe. Or maybe, as STAR is advocating, voters will get to weigh in on a reimagined sales tax measure that starts to move Sacramento towards the funding levels for transit seen in other big California cities. And in the meantime, transit advocates have ideas for changes RT can make now to improve service and win back some of the millions of riders that have been lost in the last few years.

Lots of great maps at STAR’s website,

Listen to the interview, check out the website, there’s a lot of interesting stuff there, and at Dan’s blog Getting Around Sacramento.

Dan also told me that STAR is really interested in helping to answer questions from the public about public transit. So drop them a line.

Also, it’s easy to leave comments on this blog, if you’re so inclined. If you listen to the episodes on Soundcloud, you can make comments right next to a point on the audio timeline, which I think could be an interesting way to have a conversation. Or just email me. It’s just my name at

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